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High Nutrition

Low in fat, but high in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, sea cucumber is far healthier than shark fin. Sea cucumber also contain glycosaminoglycans which have been shown to have immune boosting and anti-aging benefits.

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Wild Caught

All the sea cucumber produced by Atlantic Sea Cucumber Ltd. is guaranteed to be 100% wild caught from pure Atlantic Ocean without pollution, antibiotics, and artificial hormone.

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High Quality

Atlantic Sea Cucumber Ltd. carefully follow the Quality Management Plan and strictly control the production process to ensure the quality and safety of our products.

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Atlantic Sea Cucumber

In the deep North Atlantic Ocean, there is a kind of seafood well known by people for its high nutritional value, Cucumaria Frondosa. It is also called Atlantic Sea Cucumber. Atlantic Sea Cucumber Ltd. produces the best dried Atlantic Sea Cucumber and becomes one of the largest Atlantic Sea Cucumber producers in the world.


Why Choose Us

Check out how our sea cucumbers are caught freshly from the deep ocean and produced in the most natural and nutrition-reserved way.

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As a fully licensed sea cucumber manufacturer and exporter in Canada, we can provide all the necessary certification and license for your business to sell sea cucumber in any country.

The determination of taint, decomposition and unwholesomeness (TDU) of our sea cucumber will be monitored at the beginning of our production. Low quality raw sea cucumber will be discarded. After the production processes completed, samples will be sent to Canadian Food Inspection Agency certified agency for testing.

Instead of boiling, we steam the sea cucumber to preserve nutrition in it during the production. Our sea cucumber is more nutritious and more chewy than other similar products in the market because of our unique processing technic

Produce more than 50% of the raw sea cucumber in Canada
Production capacity reaches 1100 lb per day
32-year experience in seafood production and export
Export to 8 countries and districts